AI Support Platform for Airports

WingMates is an innovative AI support platform for Airports looking to elevate the overall passenger experience.


Support passengers where they need it most...

Easily embed WingMates on any website or make it available through a scannable QR around the terminal.


...and make it easier for them to book a new flight in the event of a disruption.

Help passengers find a new flight or hotel stay when rebooking is not available.

heroAI Powered BookingsFind best flight options based on time, price & weather conditions.

...as well as facilitating all of your Airport's services with your own brand & voice.

WingMates integrates all your Airport’s APIs and Data for a seamless experience.


Real-Time Flight Updates

WingMates quickly provide passengers with information regarding their flight status, including delays, cancellations, and boarding times.

No License Required.

WingMates has no cost to our Airport Partners.

Our Mission is to empower Airports to elevate the passenger experience and gain insights to enhance the Airport’s operation.

heroInnovateLead the industry with the latest technology trends in artificial intelligence and customer support.

Redefine your passenger’s airport experience.

WingMates is an innovative AI-driven platform designed specifically for Airports, focusing on elevating the overall passenger experience.